Rosa family Loveland Pass Mountain Session

There’s fewer things in life more beautiful, or breathtaking for me than the mountains. I find shooting in a landscape like this so inspiring for myself…and my clients too! I think it can make you feel like you’re in another world, carrying you away from the stress of work and home life. It’s really the perfect way to help you slow down, and take in some special moments with your family.

The high alpine setting with unobstructed views of the Colorado Rockies that was chosen for the Rosa’s Mountain Family Session at Loveland Pass was no accident. 

“This family is clearly madly in love with each other.” That’s what I kept thinking while I was working with the Rosas. The way they interacted and cared for each other throughout their session was truly something to admire,
 and I could tell that they were enjoying being together!

This is another reason I love to do sessions in the mountains. It’s a way for us to make real and impactful memories for the whole family to take home with your photos after your session. It’s more than fake smiles for the
 camera, because it’s real. It’s your family being together, doing something memorable, just being yourselves. It’s cuddles, kisses, and a little bit of adventure!

I’m so excited for my next visit to the mountains!

Xoxo, Ashley

Mama, papa, I see you. I know your time is captivated by your littles runny noses, reheating your coffee for the fourth time, and calming your child's biggest feelings. That's why I've made scheduling your family session as seamless and carefree as humanly possible.


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